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Chalk It Up Signs

Chalk It Up Signs lovingly hand craft unique professional, richly textured chalkboard menus and signs to increase your visibility and create emotional connections. Hand drawn, framed with west coast fir and SEALED.  We ship all over Canada and the United States.

Great for your business, home or as a present for a friend. We also offer digital printing on chalkboards. Send an email or visit our website for more info.

chalk It Up Signs

At Chalk It Up Signs, our chalk board artists professionally create hand-drawn chalkboard signage, menus, chalk art and chalkboard murals that is dramatically textured and lush. Our professional chalk art creates a warm, easy atmosphere in any establishment and is great for all kinds of special events. Every chalkboard is custom made to your specification and can be installed on walls, as table top displays or as A-frame, sidewalk, freestanding chalkboard signage or menus.

Chalk It Up Signs’ chalk board art is professionally designed and hand drawn for the highest quality chalk board art on the market. We do not use paints or inks! Attention to detail keeps our chalk board menus and signs at the front of the industry. A technique honed since 2000 produces a permanent richly textured, timeless chalk art that your customers will definitely notice and appreciate!

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It Does Not Smudge! The artwork is sealed to last! We have CIUS signs that are over 15 years in the running and still look great. The artwork on each chalkboard is sealed for long lasting permanence and unsealed spaces can be left to give you the flexibility of a specials chalkboard. Full of lush texture that will make you want to reach out and touch, because you can!

The Black Board – Each chalkboard mural, menu or sign from Chalk It Up Signs is custom-cut from lightweight, durable sign substrate for a clean, professional presentation. Our chalk board signs are completely re-writable using traditional chalk or water based chalk ink markers. A Chalk It Up Signs chalk board looks great for years and years.

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Perfect for Restaurants, Diners, Delis, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Cafes, Motels, Hotels, Yogurt Stores, Yoga Studio, Hair & Nail Salons, Marinas, Movie Theatres, Grocery Stores, Delis, Live Music Venues, Pet Groomers, Trade Show Displays, Print Media, Schools, Personal Art and more.

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Owned by Melanie Teichroeb and husband Dave, Chalk It Up Signs has been creating chalkboards on Gabriola Island for 10 years. Their chalkboards are in every province and state in North America.

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