Gabriola Island

Buy a Gift Certificate or Donate today!

Gabriola Island is excited to participate in this Island COMEBACK initiative and hopes you will be too. This service is 100% free to local businesses and island organizations.

In the spirit of caring, we kindly request contributors to cover the 3% processing fee, providing recipients with the full dollar amount.

By supporting our Gabriola Island community, you are not only empowering each islander and ensuring we are sustainable post-pandemic, you are preserving the individuality of the island you have come to know and love, safeguarding this precious place so it remains resilient and culturally strong for years to come.

About Gabriola

Gabriola is a vibrant community.

Our relationships are fuelled by common passions and values that are woven together in intricate ways like the natural world around us. This island vibrancy is supported by the local entrepreneurs and business owners who call this place home. Their contributions to island life are a huge part in creating the special magic that lives here.

The COVID19 pandemic has brought challenges to many on our island. Local entrepreneurs, whether storefront or homebased, whether farmers, makers, creators, or innovators have all had interruptions to their business life and flow.
The Gabriola Island Comeback program offers an opportunity to give back to our businesses who have done so much to fundraise, support and meet our needs as island residents and visitors.

If Gabriola holds a place in your heart, whether you are a resident or a visitor, we encourage you to support our business community through this initiative. It will mean so much and will help ensure that the magic here lives on.