Cormorant Island

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Cormorant Island is excited to participate in this Island COMEBACK initiative and hopes you will be too. This service is 100% free to local businesses and island organizations. In the spirit of caring, we kindly request contributors to cover the 3% processing fee, providing recipients with the full dollar amount.

By supporting our Cormorant Island and Alert Bay community, you are not only empowering each islander and ensuring we are sustainable post-pandemic, you are preserving the individuality of the island you have come to know and love, safeguarding this precious place so it remains resilient and culturally strong for years to come.

About Cormorant Island

A gem of the Northern Gulf Islands, Cormorant Island is a historically rich, vibrant community. It is home to the 'Namgis First Nation who, along with the Village of Alert Bay, provide a welcoming environment for visitors. It's an island that truly encapsulates "Island time", when a stroll to the grocery store can end up taking hours when you end up meeting and having great conversations with new friends along the way! The way of life on Cormorant Island has come to a standstill over the last months of Covid-19. And many of our businesses rely on seasonal tourists to make ends meet throughout the year, so Alert Bay and Cormorant Island are excited to participate in this Island COMEBACK initiative and hope you will be too.

Take a look at our wonderful cultural, accommodation, recreation and dining options ~ though not all available for a visit right now, we hope you come up to say hi in the future! And please visit to see more businesses, services and events in our wonderful community!

Alert Bay is accessible by various means, the most common of which is a 40 minute ferry ride from Port McNeill.

In these unprecedented times, our ability to root ourselves in community and find meaningful solutions will help us recalibrate, find our footing, and determine our future.