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Island COMEBACK is a resource that came together to support the islands with the impact of COVID-19.

For interested new vendors:

The pandemic has since created a new era for online commerce. As a result, Island COMEBACK, over the coming months, will be evaluating how best to serve rural island communities in this new era - in the meantime registration is closed to new business/organizations sign-ups.

We CONTINUE TO encourage visitors to check out the 160 businesses and organizations listed here, purchase a gift certificate or donate.


Rural Island businesses or organizations that are interested in support and in accessing online digital marketing programs are invited to visit Rising Tide Business Services, a new initiative of the Rural Islands Economic Partnership (RIEP). Rising Tide provides strategic and affordable digital marketing solutions and marketing management services delivered by islanders, for islanders. This tailored support for local rural island business is available to RIEP members  - new members will be gifted a FREE Digital Marketing Helpline subscription for a limited time. Learn more

Do you have a question that isn't answered? Email us – support@islandcomeback.ca

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